Campus Clinic

In early June, Dr. Christine Pelletier, our volunteer Medical Director, as well as several NEADS staff members, including Kate Sullivan, Bridget Austin, Erin Wylie, Becca Hill, and Tyler Gribi, set up a Campus Clinic at the Carriage House. Over two days, the team saw 36 NEADS dogs in training for vaccinations, health checks, and nail trimmings.

Much of this care is typically provided through our veterinary clinics in the prisons, but with 5 of the 7 prisons closed and the dogs being cared for full-time by our volunteer Puppy Raisers, the team had to come up with an alternative. The logistics of the clinic were enormous and required keeping social distancing guidelines in mind while scheduling appointments for 36 Puppy Raisers who were coming to campus from all over the area. While it would have been easier to ask the Puppy Raisers to take the dogs to their assigned veterinarians, holding the Campus Clinic was an efficient way to take care of a number of dogs at once, and it allowed the trainers to check in on the dogs as well. Not to mention the thousands of dollars we were able to save in veterinary and nail trimming bills.

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