Ask the Vet

A regular column focusing on pet healthcare, written in partnership with BluePearl Veterinary Partners and including contributions from other veterinarians who work closely with NEADS.

veterinarian examines a puppy

All Eyes On… Dr. Clara Williams

At NEADS, the health and well-being of our dogs is crucial. From the moment they arrive on campus, our dogs have consistent health monitoring that includes routine care, vaccinations, orthopedic screenings, and eye exams.

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Ask the Vet: 5 Things to Know about Pet Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Health month, and while taking care of our pets’ teeth is a year-round effort, this is the perfect time to understand the important role oral health care plays in our pets’ health. Thanks to Dr. Cathryn Cleveland, veterinarian at Ashland Animal Hospital, Ashland, MA and NEADS volunteer, for this information.

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Ask the Vet: Prevent Pets from Packing on the Pounds

A majority of pets in the U.S. are suffering from a serious condition that not only shaves years off their lives but can also dramatically reduce the quality of the…

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Ask the Vet: Six tips for avoiding that holiday trip to the pet hospital

We’ve all eaten too much food at some point during the holidays, but most of us will not try an appetizer of tinsel or a main course of turkey bones.

Pets are a different story. Every year at this time, dogs and cats start swallowing some ill-advised holiday foods — and things that aren’t food at all. So the staff at BluePearl Veterinary Partners, which has animal hospitals in more than 20 states, are expecting to see the usual influx of pets during this holiday season.

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Ask the Vet: Holiday Hazards for Pets

November and December are filled with fun holiday celebrations, but an unexpected trip to the vet can instantly spoil the cheer. From turkey bones to tinsel, veterinarians treat dozens of…

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Blue-Green Algae Blooms

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Ask the Vet: Cannabis and Dogs

With the increased use of medical marijuana and the nationwide loosening of legal restrictions on the use of marijuana, there is an increased danger of harmful exposure to dogs and…

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Spring allergies – your pets can get them too!

The flowers of spring may be in full bloom, but so are the allergies that go along with the season. Many pet owners do not realize that dogs and cats…

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Ask the Vet: Plan now for holiday pet travels

Yes, fall is almost here. And while your next big vacation with your pets might not happen until Thanksgiving or winter school break, now is the perfect time to plan for traveling with our pets.

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Ask the Vet: Don’t risk your dog’s life in the summer heat

As we enter the warm summer months, it’s fun to get outside to run, walk or play with our beloved and eager dogs.

But the heat can be deadly for dogs – and we’re not just talking about the tragic stories of pets locked in hot cars. Every year at BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospitals, we see dogs that have become dangerously ill or even died after going on hikes with their owners, playing too strenuously at a dog park or even being left in the yard.

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Ask the Vet: Considering Pet Insurance

When bringing home a new pet, most people have a variety of things they need to acquire, from a new, soft bed to plenty of nutritious food.
We at BluePearl Veterinary Partners would love for you to add one more item to that list: pet insurance.

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Ask the Vet: It’s allergy season for your pets, too

The spring allergy season is coming, and many people don’t realize that dogs can suffer just as much as humans. But that doesn’t mean your pets will start sneezing from…

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Ask the Vet: Protecting Pets from the Winter Cold

As the temperature drops, it can make life unpleasant for everyone – including our four-legged friends. That’s why owners need take precautions to protect them when the mercury dips below…

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Ask the Vet: Protecting Your Dog from Ticks

There are many delightful things about spending time with your dog during autumn’s cooler weather, from hikes in the woods to excursions to the local farmer’s market. One not so…

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