Client Alumni Facebook Group

The Client Alumni Facebook Group is open to active NEADS teams – upon the completion of training clients receive an invite to the group.  This group is sponsored by NEADS and is monitored by NEADS staff members.  It is a place for you to share with other NEADS clients. The content is up to you – post pictures of your adventures, brag about a well-executed task, ask questions about certain locations you hope to visit. Connect with others who are living a life similar to yours.

As with any Facebook group, there are rules of use that members are asked to adhere to.  Although the group provides a safe place to share, we do expect content to be appropriate and pictures/posts to abide by NEADS training guidelines. Please take a minute to read the following rules…
* The group is a place for positivity, support, and communal sharing, but not a place for airing grievances.
* We ask that any specific training issues with your dog continue to be directed to your trainer.
* Please direct any health concerns about your dog to your trainer, Kathy Foreman or your veterinarian.
* If voicing a complaint, talking about a bad experience, or simply venting to other clients, please ask yourself if the post is productive and helpful to others.  If not, reconsider the post.
* If you are sharing a photo of your dog off leash during free time, if the fenced in area is not visible in the photo, please make sure to note the photo was taken in an enclosed area.
* Please make sure all photos that are shared include proper usage of the dog’s equipment – this includes the Gentle Leader, vest or backpack and leash.
* Please note that photos that are posted and are non-compliant with NEADS rules, will be removed from the page.
There have been some great discussions in this group and some unique friendships have been made because of it.  We encourage sharing pictures and the posting of information that will benefit all.  We hope that the group continues to be a place where you can feel comradery and acceptance while sharing your experience!