Mike Delisle

I’ve been approved for a service dog!  This dog will not only help me with simple daily tasks such as picking up dropped objects and closing doors. This dog will also provide me with the love and companionship dogs have to offer! 

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Angelia Meyer & Tyson

Since Tyson has joined me on my clinical team at the Intensive Residential Treatment Program, he has instantly created an environment of joy and encouragement.

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Tyler Konvent & Baxter

Hey! My name is Tyler and I have Spina Bifida, which has had me wheelchair bound my entire life. Don’t think for a second I’ve let that slow me down, though. I’m an avid sled hockey player, and use my personal experience and disability to help children in similar situations learn to embrace who they are and the fun that team physical activity can give! I do my best to never let my physical disability slow me down, though some things are just too physically difficult to perform on my own.

It was for this reason that I applied for a NEADS service dog, and I was thrilled to have been accepted in June 2017.

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