Congrats to our most recent graduates!

Graduation has once again come and gone and, as always, we were proud to officially welcome our newest teams to NEADS Nation.  We wish all of our graduates long and successful partnerships with their NEADS dogs!

Service Dog for a Child                           Service Dog for Hearing                             
Jordan Gouthro & Maggie                          Jeremiah Reeves & Juniper                          
  Austin Dean & Poppy                               Pete Slover & Paige
 Parker Roberts & Evers
Olivia Swartzentruber & Amie
  Hanae Witkum & Rosey

    Service Dog                                         Assistance Dog 
Brett Rosado & William                              Abby Stavitsky & Pepper
  Chad Franz & Judy                                   Jeff Bolduc & Tinker
 Gus Rodriguez & Heidi                               Laura Curtis & Bristol
Jesse Vasconcelos & Sasha                            Jeff Legendre & Chloe
  Lenore Lupie & Daniel                             Joanne Coughlin & Boomer
 David Kelly & Radcliffe                            Kenneth Wright & Bentley
  Donna Kerr & Lilly
 Paula McNeill & Elsa