Donations as Gifts

Each holiday season, NEADS receives donations from people who donate as a gift in honor of someone special. The honoree receives a holiday card from NEADS along with a notification that a gift was made in their name. Gifts of this nature can carry so much more meaning than something bought in a store and we see many of them come in this time of year.

People often choose to give donations to charitable causes as a gift to honor friends, family, or acquaintances. These kinds of gifts are incredibly impactful and they can be very helpful for clients who are fundraising for NEADS. Over the years, many clients have asked their loved ones to donate to NEADS instead of giving them a holiday gift. Clients have also asked for donations in lieu of birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, and other celebratory gifts.

NEADS clients can benefit from these types of gifts in several ways:

  1. Clients can spread the word that donations to NEADS make excellent holiday gifts. Share your fundraising page and let people know that a donation to NEADS is a perfect gift to honor someone this holiday season. Each donor will have the opportunity to select an e-card or a physical card to be sent to the honoree.
  2. Clients can let people know that they would prefer not to receive gifts this year but would rather have everyone donate to NEADS through their fundraising page.
  3. Clients can make donations to NEADS themselves, using their own fundraising pages, and list the contact info. for the honoree. NEADS will send either a one of a kind e-card or will mail a physical card to your gift recipient, depending on your preference.

This season, give charitable giving some thought and discuss it with the people in your life and in your community. These types of gifts allow the donor, and the honoree, to be a part of the important work that we do. Changing lives is no easy task and it truly does take a village!