Fundraising FAQ – April 2021

Q:  What happens to my fundraising page once I reach my goal?

A:  Clients’ fundraising pages remain active and continue to sit on the NEADS website as long as donations are coming in on a regular basis (at least one per month), even after the minimum goal of $8,000 has been reached.  Once the donations stop then the page will be unlinked from the NEADS website (unless the client specifically asks me not to unlink it).  At this point, the page still exists and can still accept donations even though it is no longer visible on our website.  It being unlinked from the site simply means that potential donors wouldn’t be able to search our site for your name to locate your page.  Anyone who has the link to your page can still find it and donate though it.  This is handy because often times, even after reaching goal, donations still trickle in.  If you’ve sent our fundraising letters, applied for grants, and even shared your page on social media donors may still use your link to navigate to your page and make donations.

Some clients prefer to delete their fundraising page once they have reached their goal.  If you would like to do this please let me know first and I will instruct you on how to properly delete your page.  Keep in mind that you will no longer have access to donor info. or any of the messages that you have shared with friends and family through your page.  Most clients prefer to leave their pages up simply so they can go back and thank donors at later dates, or add updates so that donors can see how their NEADS Service/Assistance Dog is impacting their lives.  The choice is completely up to you though.