Fundraising FAQ – August 2020

Q: Will NEADS apply for grants on my behalf?

A: No, NEADS will not apply for grants on a client’s behalf to cover any portion of the $8,000 client fundraising requirement. If we did that it would no longer be client fundraising.

Over the last four decades, we have learned how important it is that clients have a vested interest in the NEADS organization and in their individual dogs.  It’s crucial that clients put in the effort to raise the $8,000 themselves. This show of good faith not only demonstrates a client’s commitment to NEADS and the work that we do, but it also tends to be a good barometer of how serious a client is about getting a dog and how committed they will be to that dog.

Supporting the NEADS organization is a team effort. NEADS staff members work tirelessly to raise the funds necessary to sustain the organization, and NEADS clients commit themselves to doing the same until they reach their fundraising goal. The success and longevity of our organization depends on this continued teamwork and mutual commitment.

– Refer to your fundraising packet for a list of grants that clients can apply for themselves or click here.