Fundraising FAQ – September 2020

Q: What’s the difference between a general donation and a donation toward client fundraising?

A: Every NEADS client is made aware that the money they bring in through their fundraising campaign is not for their own personal benefit, but is rather meant for general use by NEADS.   This means that the only difference between a general donation and a donation brought in through client fundraising is whether or not a client gets credit toward their $8,000 fundraising goal for bringing in that donation.

Donations that come in because of a client’s efforts are simply donations to NEADS in honor of that client.  Since each client is asked to raise $8,000 for NEADS we track donations that come in through client fundraising separately from others.  That doesn’t mean that a donation is attached to a client in any way, or that clients have an “account” at NEADS.

The benefit of encouraging someone to donate toward client fundraising versus simply making a general donation is that the donation has even more impact – the funds go toward supporting NEADS AND a client gets closer to their fundraising goal.  It’s a win-win!


Side note – many clients continue to fundraise after reaching the minimum goal of $8,000.  If you should chose to fundraise for NEADS at any point after reaching your goal please consider selecting another client to help.