Fundraising Highlights – August 2020

NEADS clients have always shown great dedication and commitment to fundraising for the organization, and often clients come up with amazingly creative, and unique, ideas that help them get to that seemingly elusive fundraising goal.

This month I’d like to share with you one of those creative ideas that Sheila Harrington used for her fundraising campaign.  Sheila contacted a local farm and arranged an adorable fundraiser where donors could win a chance to pet, hold, and bottle feed baby goats.  Donors could enter their names in the drawing for a small donation of $5.00.

Sheila not only brought in donations for NEADS with her Pet-A-Goat fundraiser but she also drummed up lots of attention for her NEADS fundraising page.  I’m happy to report that using this unique fundraising idea (who doesn’t love baby animals!), along with some other creative fundraisers, Sheila not only reached her $8,000 goal but surpassed it.  As of today, Sheila has brought in over $11,000 for NEADS and she is still fundraising!

Sheila is a perfect example of how thinking outside the box, being vocal on social media about your fundraising campaign, and fully utilizing your NEADS fundraising page, can help you hit your goal.  Take a look at Sheila’s fundraising page for inspiration and ideas.