Fundraising Teams

Build a team

Fundraising doesn’t have to be something that you do alone.  Many clients elicit help and end up building their own fundraising teams.  Everyone in your life has their own special talents, interests, and networks of people that they can reach out to.  If your fundraising is a team effort, then you’ll benefit from what everyone can bring to the table.  The more people you can add to your team, the more successful your fundraising will be.


Leverage contacts

Clients are often surprised to realize just how many people they actually have in their lives.  If friends and family are part of your fundraising team, then that list of contacts grows exponentially.  You can use this handy checklist to brainstorm about who to ask for donations, and who you can ask to help in other ways.


Ask for help

Clients sometimes feel uncomfortable asking for help from the people in their lives, mostly because they don’t like asking for monetary contributions.  That’s perfectly understandable but always keep in mind that there are numerous ways that people can contribute to your fundraising campaign, even if they aren’t able to make actual donations.  Here’s a short list with some examples…

  • Share your fundraising page
  • Post on social media (on their page, on local town or city pages, in groups, etc.)
  • Connect with local businesses
  • Hold a yard sale – donate proceeds to NEADS
  • Hold a birthday fundraiser for NEADS
  • Contact local papers, radio hosts, or social media influencers
  • Reach out to local civic organizations
  • Hold a bottle/can drive
  • Help plan events


People often enjoy helping others but don’t always know where to start, or how to have an impact. By asking the people in your life for assistance, you are giving them an opportunity to do something truly meaningful and they can share in the sense of accomplishment when you reach your goal.