Gentle Leader

It has recently been brought to the training department’s attention that some of our clients are not always using the Gentle Leader.  This is of great concern to us!  All NEADS dogs train with the Gentle Leader from the time that they are young puppies. It’s part of their working gear along with their NEADS vest, and it must be worn at all times.  The choice to add this important piece of equipment to our dogs’ working gear was made based on many decades of research and experience.  As anyone that knows NEADS will understand, we take the well-being of our dogs and our clients very seriously.

The rules that we set for our active teams are necessary and we do expect them to be followed.  If you have questions, comments, or thoughts about our rules please feel free to reach out to us.  Do not, however, take it upon yourself to alter NEADS rules or guidelines.


Why the Gentle Leader?

We are often asked why we chose the Gentle Leader specifically when the market seems to be flooded with similar products.  This is a valid question and one that we are happy to answer! NEADS uses the Gentle Leader because its design provides many benefits, such as optimal control and client safety, as well as being comfortable for the dog. While there are other pieces of equipment on the market that look similar to the Gentle Leader, they do not work the same way. If your dog’s response to the Gentle Leader has changed or you have seen other head halter options and have questions, please contact your trainer to discuss.