The Foundations for the Future fundraising initiative began with our new Kathy Foreman Client House and Training Facility and includes the creation of the Laura J. Niles Early Learning Center, Hawkins Foundation Canine Center, and, most recently, the new, state-of-the-art NEADS Breeding Center.

Foundations for the Future 2023 and beyond

NEADS has identified critical investments that must be made in order to fulfill our mission of breeding, raising, training, and matching Service and Assistance Dogs with people in the greatest need of these extraordinary canine partners. These projects focus on increasing NEADS’ capacity to serve our clients now and in years to come by expanding key operations and renovating outdated facilities; ensuring that our facilities are safe and fully accessible for people with disabilities; and stewarding our environment through green energy.

Priority projects include:

  • The Early Learning Center, which plays a vital role in the early socialization of our future Service and Assistance Dogs: Renovations and improvements needed to create a safe, professional environment for our dogs and staff; and the addition of a new veterinary clinic
  • Auxiliary Kennel and Retail Site:  A larger, brighter store area with better workflow, a shipping area, retail storage, and refreshed office space are needed to make the building more efficient; upgrades to outdated electrical and HVAC systems; building an ADA-compliant accessible pathway to the shop; addition of a shaded outdoor area outside the auxiliary kennel
  • Solar Panel and Backup Power Systems: install solar panels to fuel backup power systems, maximizing environmental sustainability


With these investments, the NEADS physical plant will be fully ready to support our future growth and success.

NEADS map 2022