Foundations for the Future

Early Learning Center and Canine Center Renovation

Each year over 50 clients, 90 puppies, 80-100 adult dogs, numerous visitors, volunteers, and staff utilize our campus buildings. We love this activity, however, it brings with it wear and tear.

Twenty years ago, with the input of veterinarians and other animal care specialists, we built a state of the art kennel to house our dogs during their evaluations and Service Dog training. However, by today’s standards, our kennel does not provide our staff, volunteers, or dogs with the best environment possible.

At completion of this project, NEADS will have a state of the art Canine Center and a renovated Early Learning Center for our puppies. These projects bring us one step closer toward a state of the art campus, allowing us to deliver on our commitment to our clients and dogs. These necessary projects allow us to provide the very best healthcare and focus on the well-being of our dogs, puppies, and staff. These improvements will help us do what we do best - train and place Service Dogs with the people who need them, making increased independence in their daily lives a reality.

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    Foundations for the Future Goal: $1,800,000

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Foundations for the Future Status

The Foundations for the Future fundraising initiative began with our new Kathy Foreman Client House and Training Facility and includes the creation of a new Early Learning Center and completely renovated kennel.

Canine Center Renovation - COMPLETED

Renovated from the ground up, our new Canine Center is a cutting edge Service Dog facility, designed to minimize stress by providing an environment that is healthier for our staff and dogs.

Early Learning Center Renovation - COMPLETED

The success of our program starts with our puppies. Prior to breaking ground on the new kennel for adult dogs, we revitalized a building on our property to accommodate our newly arriving puppies. NEADS pups spend up to two weeks on our campus. During that time, our puppy instructors begin teaching basic obedi­ence. Between lessons, the puppies have plenty of time to play, and receive lots of attention from our staff and volunteers.

Construction of the Whelping Center Nursery took place in the Spring of 2017. The center allows NEADS to start a small, complimentary breeding program. The new addition to campus is located in close proximity to the Early Learning Center to facilitate transfer when puppies reach 8 weeks of age.

- Two birthing areas and a socialization area
- Pergola covered outside relief and exercise areas for protection and privacy
- Interior design ensures a healthy, clean environment
- Designated space for staff/volunteers for round the clock care

Commemorative Naming Opportunities - Canine Center

NEADS would like to thank those who have already supported our Foundations for the Future fundraising initiative - click here for a list of our major donors. Your support is helping us create a state-of-the-art kennel and Early Learning Center/Nursery.

Several commemorative naming opportunities for the kennel are still available (in blue): 

Dog Integration Space: $125,000 Sponsored
This unique-to-NEADS space, with workstations, computers, a small play area, transition runs, and a viewing window, will allow for increased "people" time by integrating our dogs into daily operations.

Main Work Hub: $120,000 Sponsored
The Main Work Hub will be the nerve center of our kennel operation and includes a full kitchen, industrial washers and dryers and full access to the kennel.

Outdoor Pavilion Area: $125,000
A state-of-the-art outdoor exercise and enrichment area, with canine-friendly turf, overhead canopies, and new play equipment, will allow for outdoor play, rain or shine.

3 Wings: $100,000 per wing.All 3 Wings Sponsored
Three kennel wings will each contain 9-10 runs built specifically to NEADS Service Dog standards. These wings will reflect state of the art form and function and many months of research into what our dogs need for their health, safety and physical and emotional comfort when staying with us on campus.

Individual Runs: $5,000 per run. Runs Sponsored: 18
31 new kennels are designed from a dog's perspective, with lighting, sound abatement system, HVAC, and space all designed to minimize the stressors of a kennel experience.

Isolation Room: $20,000 Sponsored 
Important for the health and safety of all our Service Dogs and puppies, this room will be used if a dog needs to have its general health assessed.

Hospitality Area: $15,000 Sponsored 
Located in our Administration Building lobby, this highly visible area is a place to welcome clients, visitors, volunteers, and staff to NEADS.

ELC Puppy Enrichment Area: $10,000

Grooming Room: $7,500 Sponsored 
State-of-the art area for bathing, brushing, clipping, and general maintenance of our dogs.

Exam Room: $7,500 Sponsored
Our on- staff Veterinary Technicians, as well as Volunteer Veterinarians, will use this area to treat and track the health of our dogs.

Retail Space: $5,000

Food Storage Area: $5,000 Sponsored 
Climate controlled and easily accessible for food loading and transport.

Paddock Areas: $3,500 Sponsored
Fully fenced, grassy play areas, located in open, quiet spots behind our Early Learning Center, will provide an open and safe play environment.

Thank you for financially supporting this project…NEADS receives limited state and federal government funding and relies on the support of individuals, foundations, corporations, service organizations, bequests and workplace campaigns. NEADS is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

Please choose Foundations for the Future/Capital Campaign from the Program Area drop-down menu when entering your donation. Thank you!

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