Foundations for the Future - Breeding Center

NEADS is raising $2.6M to create a new Breeding Center and satellite campus, continuing our Foundations for the Future fundraising initiative, which began with the Kathy Foreman Client House and Training Center, followed by the Early Learning Center and Hawkins Canine Center.

Puppies are the heart, foundation, and empowerment of our mission; without them, we cannot serve our clients.

While NEADS works diligently to obtain puppies that have a temperament and health profile that meets our World Class Service Dog standards, we are overly reliant on external sources for these puppies. We now need to become more independent and self-sufficient in order to increase our pool of purpose-bred Service Dogs, thus allowing us to increase the number of clients we can serve.

A NEADS-driven Breeding Program is critical to the future stability and growth of our organization. The cornerstone of this Breeding Program will be a new, state-of-the-art Breeding Center. It is designed to give our purpose-bred puppies the best start they can have on the path to becoming Service Dogs to work with people with disabilities. Housing the breeding, whelping, and early life care of our future Service Dogs, the Breeding Center will be a calm, quiet space where the mothers (broods) can focus on eating, sleeping, and nursing so the litters can thrive.

At the completion of this project, NEADS will have a World Class Breeding Center, once again setting the standard for Service Dog breeding, training, and care. This innovative center will allow us to better control for temperament, health, and overall suitability for Service Dog work and enable us to increase our pool of purpose-bred Service Dogs. This is key to ensuring that we can get more dogs through training and place more dogs with people in need.

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With your support, we can build a World Class Breeding Center, where extraordinary puppies are born to become extraordinary Service Dogs for extraordinary people.

Gerry DeRoche, NEADS CEO

Commemorative Naming Opportunities - Breeding Center

NEADS would like to thank those who have already supported our Foundations for the Future fundraising initiative . Your support is helping us create a state-of-the-art Breeding Center.

Breeding Suite: $50,000 (reserved)

Breeding Wing: $150,000

Brood/Puppy Wing: $150,000

Building Naming Opportunity*: $750,000

Central Work Hub (large): $125,000

Central Work Hub (small): $100,000

Whelping Room: $35,000 (reserved)

Elevator: $150,000

Food Storage Area: $10,000

Foundation Breeding Stock: $50,000

Garage: $50,000

Indoor Play & BCL Testing Area*: $100,000 (1/2 reserved)

Indoor Play Area - Lower Level: $25,000

Laundry (2): $5,000 ea

Lobby: $75,000 (reserved)

Nursery Entry: $20,000 (reserved)

Outdoor Play Areas (4): $25,000 ea (2 reserved)

Office: $5,000

Runs for Moms (6): $10,000 ea

Runs for Studs (6): $10,000 ea

Security System & Acoustical Monitoring: $75,000

Specialized Care (indoor/outdoor space): $10,000 (reserved)

Staff Break Area: $5,000 (reserved)

Staff Lounge: $5,000 (reserved)

Transition Pods (5): $25,000 ea

Upstairs Office: $5,000 (reserved)

Veterinary Spaces (2): $25,000 ea (1 reserved)

Walking Path: $50,000

Nursery Pods (5): $25,000 ea (4 reserved)

*Can be shared by 2 donors

Thank you for financially supporting this project…NEADS receives limited state and federal government funding and relies on the support of individuals, foundations, corporations, service organizations, bequests and workplace campaigns. NEADS is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

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