Sponsor a Doggie Dorm

Sponsor a Doggie Dorm

With a $3,500 tax-deductible donation to NEADS, you can sponsor a “doggie dorm” to help all the dogs who will reside in that dorm for the year. Your partnership will provide enrichment the pups need while in their doggie dorm—fun toys, peanut butter treats and nylabones, to name a few.

Over the course of a year, approximately five dogs live in each doggie dorm while they learn customized skills that will eventually help their future human partner. Our dogs like their dorms! By supporting multiple dogs in a dorm, you become an active and vital part of NEADS.


Your donation provides a home for all the dogs that reside within the doggie dorm of your choice for one year from signup date. Please understand that not all dogs have the right temperament to be Assistance Dogs and those dogs are adopted out to loving homes. By sponsoring a dorm, you do not own or retain any ownership rights to our dogs. Funds donated to sponsor a dorm cannot be restricted for a specific client or Service Dog program (i.e., Hearing Dog, Service Dog, Dogs for Veterans dog).

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