Name a Puppy Program

You may see just a cute puppy... We see a future Service Dog that will change lives… that will open doors figuratively and literally... that will make every day a little better and brighter...

You can be part of this life-changing story when you name one of our newly arrived puppies through the NEADS Name a Puppy Program.

Your donation of $3,500 or $4,000 helps NEADS raise and train a future Service Dog or Breeder Dog. Service Dogs provide increased independence and connection for people in need. Breeder Dogs contribute to the next generation of World Class Service Dogs.

Name a Puppy Program Benefits

Name a Puppy Program ($3,500)

  • Quarterly updates and periodic photos throughout the puppy’s training.
  • If the puppy becomes a Service Dog, you will receive notification when the puppy you named is matched with a human partner and also an invitation to the Service Dog team’s graduation.
  • If the puppy becomes a Breeder Dog, you will receive notification when it delivers or fathers its first litter.
  • Charitable tax deduction.

Name a Puppy Plus Program ($4,000)

All the benefits of Name a Puppy plus

  • Recognition on the Name a Puppy page of our website (name and optional link to your business)

Program Details

  • Your donation to the Name a Puppy Program cannot be restricted for a specific client or Service Dog discipline. By naming a puppy, you do not have ownership rights to the puppy.
  • Your $3,500 or $4,000 donation will name one puppy.
  • Suggested names will be reviewed and approved by our training department.
  • Please understand that not all puppies have the right temperament or aptitude to become Service Dogs or Breeder Dogs. Dogs that neither complete the NEADS training program nor are selected as Breeder Dogs are adopted as pets. Should the puppy that you named be released from the program, we will use one of the names you submitted for one more of our newly arriving puppies. Should the replacement puppy be released, no additional puppies will be named.

"We are very proud to support the Name a Puppy program. Partnering with NEADS gives our family the opportunity to honor the memory of those we love, serve our community, and share the joy of dogs with others. We love the updates we receive as these incredible pups learn how to change lives!"

- the McDonald Family, who named Liberty

Name a Puppy Plus Donors

  • Rotary Club of Burlington, MA

  • VFW Post 1105

  • Ashland High School National Honor Society

  • In memory of Patty Coyne

  • The Todd McDonald Family

  • In Memory of Jesse Jordan

  • Ed Walsh Foundation

  • The Tower of Hope

  • Lakes Region Pet Resort

  • In honor of David Cohn and his beloved Hearing Dog Sara

  • Worcester Firefighters 6K

  • Gerald O’Neil Post #1683 American Legion Family

  • DN Tanks Charitable Foundation