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Weekend Puppy Sitters help NEADS Service Dog candidates start their socializations, and complement the weekday puppy socialization and exposure program that takes place at the NEADS Early Learning Center (ELC).

NEADS puppy candidates live on the NEADS campus and begin their training and socialization to become well-rounded Service Dogs. Weekend Puppy Sitters pick up their assigned puppy from NEADS campus and introduce the puppy to a home environment for a quiet weekend.

Weekend Puppy Sitters commit to:

  • Handling, reinforcing training of, and interacting with the NEADS puppy according to NEADS methods and policies
  • Providing a quiet, safe, and loving home environment for at least one weekend each month
  • Communicating effectively and appropriately with NEADS staff
  • Each weekend they volunteer, completing a short report about the NEADS puppy

Reasons people choose to become NEADS Weekend Puppy Sitters:

  • Love puppies
  • Looking for a fun and family-friendly volunteer opportunity
  • Enjoy having a puppy only one weekend per month: hosting a NEADS puppy is not the full commitment of owning a dog

More About Being a Weekend Puppy Sitter

The Weekend Puppy Sitter is matched with a puppy from the Early Learning Center but will not likely take the same puppy home for multiple weekends. Due to the puppy's young stage of training and the very short commitment of the puppy sitters, the sitter will not be allowed to take the puppy into places of business like restaurants, stores, hospitals, etc. Please note that to be considered for a puppy sitter volunteer opportunity, you must complete the puppy-sitter-specific application through the link below.

Requirements include:

  • Providing adequate daily exercise as recommended by your NEADS trainer
  • Providing a safe, healthy and loving environment for the puppy
  • Following NEADS guidelines and procedures as outlined by the puppy program
Program Features Weekend Puppy Sitters
Current Application Status due to Covid-19Program currently suspended
Commitment1 weekend/month
Age of Dog2 - 4 months old
DogDifferent puppy every weekend
Pick up/ drop offLaura J. NIles Early Learning Center at NEADS Campus in Princeton, MA
Public AccessNone
TimeframeFriday afternoons - Sunday evening
ResponsibilitiesKeep puppy safe & healthy at home and in yard Follow NEADS guidelines for handling
Paperwork1 sitter report sheet each weekend
SuppliesAll supplies provided except poop bags
Orientation2 hour orientation Not currently holding orientations