Holiday Fundraising

The holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s the perfect time to fundraise!  This is a fantastic time of year to tap into the seasonal spirit and have some fun doing it.  Here are some of my favorite ideas that are great for kids and adults alike:
Candy grams – Buy lots of small candies – lollipops and candy canes work great – and charge people to purchase them and attach a personalized note. Tell your buyers exactly which day their candy grams will be delivered to their recipients, and then make your deliveries. This fundraiser is spectacular at schools and at the office.
Craft fair– Are you crafty? Do you have crafty friends? It’s the perfect time of year to make wreaths, ornaments, or anything you’d like…and have fun doing it! Organize a craft-making party; turn on some holiday music; grab some eggnog and enjoy yourself. Then find a school, church, or local community building where you can sell your stunning holiday creations.
Ugly sweater contest – Collect money from friends and co-workers and hold your very own ugly sweater contest.  The winner gets a prize and you get years worth of blackmail photos…and raise funds for NEADS, of course.
Business cards – Many clients print their own business or trading cards and hand them out wherever they can.  Taking the kids out caroling? Hand out cards along the way. Grabbing coffee in the morning? Leave a stack on the counter. Picking up some groceries? Check with management to see if you can post one to their store bulletin board.  There are so many inventive ways to tell your story and spread the word about NEADS!
Collection jars- Ask local businesses if you can place collection jars at their front desks and checkout counters. Attach a picture of yourself or print out the Pennies for Pups sign from the Client Resource Center .  Decorate jars in any way you’d like – candy cane stripes, snowmen, snowflakes, mistletoe. Make it your own and make it eye catching.
Candles, cookies & popcorn– Check out ways to fundraise by selling your favorite products. Many companies have fundraising programs where you sell their goods and they give you a portion of the proceeds. This can be a terrific way to raise money with minimal effort.
These are just a few examples of the many different ways by which clients fundraise for NEADS. Be creative, choose ideas that appeal to you, and set your goals high. There is no limit to what you can do! And most importantly…have a safe and happy holiday season!