July 4th Celebrations

As a reminder to our clients, the Fourth of July brings a weekend full of celebration, parties, parades, and firework displays. Although fireworks are lovely to see in person, please do not bring your Assistance or Service Dog with you. The loud bangs from the fireworks are too loud for a dog’s ears, which are more sensitive than ours, and can potentially lead to stress or fear behaviors that will be difficult to work on and re-create after the event. Even with ear protection, they should not attend and will experience other exposures, like bright flashes and distant booms, which can have the same effect.

If you plan to attend a fireworks display, please leave your dog home in the crate and enjoy the festivities on your own, knowing the dog is safe at home and relaxed. If you leave your dog home, or there are fireworks in your neighborhood, put the TV or radio on to muffle the noise of nearby fireworks. A sound machine would work, too. Offering your dog a stuffed KONG will help keep their mind on something else as well. If you find your dog is noticing the bangs from the fireworks and seems a little unsettled, do not pet or praise them. Act neutral or get them involved in something fun to get their minds off of it – practice “speak,” “shake,” play “get it” indoors, or “name, cookie.”