Meet the Raiser – Michelle Lundquist

Name: Michelle Lundquist
Occupation: Financial Education Communications @ Morgan Stanley
Current Pup: Gracie, 6 mo old

How long have you been a Puppy Raiser and how many dogs have you raised? (Include furloughed dogs and the one you are currently raising).

Gracie is my first puppy and I’m a first time volunteer Puppy Raiser. Gracie is also the first full time dog to be in my home. My extended family have all had dogs but growing up I always had cats, no dogs.

What led you to Puppy Raising?

A friend shared a NEADS post on Facebook about a new litter that had been born and in the NEADS post was a link to the puppy raiser web page. On impulse I clicked it, read it through and thought “I could do this!”. But my mother, Carol, and I share a home, so while I work full time remote (and will continue to do so regardless of Covid) I wanted to be sure she was OK with me signing up for this as we were really both signing up for it. I may do most of the formal training, but she is another person in the house for Gracie to learn from and has helped to reinforce a lot of Gracie’s training.

Ice Breakers

If you had your own talk show, who would your first 3 guests be?
o P!nk – So she could perform her music which I love and she is a great guest, tells it like it is.
o Oprah – I almost didn’t want to say her because it’s a bit cliché but who better to help you with your first show than the queen of daytime tv! I grew up watching her, think she is so interesting, has a lot of good stories and love that she uses her wealth to help others.
o Martha Stewart – She literally knows how to do everything. Would love to do a cooking segment with her or even something around gardening. She’s also very funny.

If you had one extra hour of free time a day what would you do with it?
I wouldn’t normally say this but with a puppy in the house who likes to get up at 5:30am, I have to say sleep!

Would you rather be able to speak all foreign languages or talk to animals?
Tough question because both would be great but if I must pick, I’d like to speak all the foreign languages.

If you could visit one place in the world where would it be and why?
London, England – to stay in historic hotels, inns and cottages, and visit historic palaces, mansions, houses, gardens and museums.

Are you a listener or a talker?
Well, I like to think I’m a listener but those who know me would probably say I’m a talker.

Tell us your favorite part about being a Puppy Raiser and/or your favorite memory with one of the NEADS pups.

As I’m new to puppies and training, it was a bit overwhelming at first if I’m honest. You get this small, adorable 2 month old puppy and realize you are responsible for making sure she grows strong and learns what she needs to so she can be the best service dog she can be. After getting over being nervous I’d mess her up, I really enjoy seeing her personality come through day over day as we are both really learning all this together. Gracie can be funny and silly and a total crazy puppy some days, but I love seeing how smart she is when she picks up a new skill and knowing I helped her learn it.

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