Spring 2019 Graduating Teams

Our Spring Graduation is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more pleased to announce the following NEADS teams who have been invited to attend the April 28 graduation ceremony at Montachusett Technical Vocational School in Fitchburg, MA. Please be sure to bookmark this page as we may be making updates to our graduates' attendance as we get closer to graduation.

This list was updated as of April 1, 2019.

Joyce & Lucy
Anthony & Trooper
Jeremiah & Juniper (unable to attend)
Donna & Lily (unable to attend)
Kathleen & Linky
Yurledy & Penny
Paula & Elsa (unable to attend)
JT & Cappie
Jason & Dougie
Erin & Harry
Brett & William (unable to attend)
Amy & Gianna
Angelia & Tyson
Abby & Pepper (unable to attend)
Loriann & Wilson
David & Radcliff (unable to attend)
Lenore & Daniel (unable to attend)
Rebekah & Maple
Jack & Radar
Parker & Evers (unable to attend)
Joanne & Cooper
Jennie & Luie
Joanne & Boomer (unable to attend)
Christina & Avalon
Courtney & Darcy (unable to attend)