2018 Fall Graduating Teams

Our Fall Graduation is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more pleased to announce the following NEADS teams who have been invited to attend our November 4th graduation ceremony at Montachusett Technical Vocational School in Fitchburg, MA. Please be sure to bookmark this page as we may be making updates to our graduates' attendance as we get closer to graduation.

This list was updated as of October 25, 2018.

Garry & Service Dog Montana
Tyler & Service Dog Baxter
Lucy & Service Dog Barrett
Kate & Service Dog for Hearing Tessa
Phyllis & Service Dog for Hearing Scout
Preston & Service Dog for Hearing Gilmore
Christine & Service Dog for Hearing Crickett
Mark & Assistance Dog Nala
Tamela & Assistance Dog Salem
Judi & Assistance Dog Gilbert
Tracey & Assistance Dog Ansel
Eric & Service Dog Mikey
Dennis & Service Dog Denny
John & Service Dog DJ
Courtney & Assistance Dog Darcy (unable to attend)
Michael & Assistance Dog Lombardi
Timothy & Service Dog Honey
Julie & Assistance Dog Marcus
Hannah & Service Dog Fritz
Lillian & Service Dog Snowy
Jared & Service Dog Jeter
Ryan & Service Dog Hobbs
Nancy & Service Dog for Hearing Maloney
Jennifer & Service Dog Doc (unable to attend)
Matthew & Service Dog Livy (unable to attend)