Rev. Kelly Harvell & Benny

From: Bethlehem, NH
Program: Assistance Dog
Minimum Goal: $8,000 | Amount Raised:$5,860

Benny has been a blessing to my ministry since we started working together. He has sat at the feet of grieving family members as they prepared for the funeral of a loved one. He also sat at their feet during the funeral. He often knows before I do that people are struggling and in need of the comfort he provides. He will encourage me to let him go to them although he has never struggled to get to them. He still attends two church services although they are now on the coast of Maine rather than the mountains of New Hampshire. He makes visits to people in the hospital and at the local nursing home. He also attended some weddings. Weddings can be a very stressful time and he provides some relief from that for the wedding party and family. He attends the United Methodist summer camp when I lead a week-long camp. He is very friendly to the children but is also quiet and doesn’t push himself on those who are fearful. He helps to relieve some of the home-sickness that can come up over the week. Youth from prior years will often come up and ask to pat him if they are there for another camp. He is welcomed at many of the homes of congregation members. He loves to cuddle up with people who need him. He also brightens the days of people out in the public venue. Many people stop to pat him (with my permission) and talk about dogs they have loved and who are now gone. Recently he even had the opportunity to “need” to do many of the tasks he is trained for, when I broke my ankle. Benny is indeed a blessing to many, not only to me.

Kelly Harvell & Benny

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