Sarah + Edison – 365 Days

DAY 1, FETCH. Happy New Years Day all! Today starts the 365 photo stream! Here’s the first one. Yes, it’s a cute picture but Edison is actually doing an essential trained task. This was after I told him to fetch his leash so we could continue with our day after it had dropped out of my hand. #day1of365

Sarah was matched with NEADS Service Dog Edison in 2016. Since then, the two have been inseparable. Edison goes to work and medical appointments with Sarah, they spend time in New York City, and they visit friends from coast to coast. And everywhere they go, Edison demonstrates his impeccable Service Dog training and his devotion to Sarah.

Now, Sarah is chronicling her life with Edison and sharing daily photos on Instagram. We’re pleased that she’s agreed to share them on the NEADS blog, too. We’ll update her pictorial voyage every two weeks, so be sure to check back from time to time and see where life takes this duo. For daily updates, follow them on Instagram, @edison_365_sd.

January 1 – 14, 2019