Introducing our Newest Instructors

In the last several months, NEADS has added three members to our Raiser Team. The new Instructors are currently in training to learn about the Raising programs and how best to support you on your puppy journey. Welcome to Instructors Megan, Sue, and Jen (l to r in the photo).

  • Jen Girardin is a new Full-time Puppy Raiser Instructor and was a previous Puppy Raiser with NEADS through our partnership with Becker College. It was at this college that she earned a degree in animal care and psychology. In addition, Jen has previous experience as an Assistant Manager of a kennel and within the pet retail industry.
  • Megan Lupinski is a new full-time Puppy Raiser Instructor and has previously been a volunteer at the NEADS Early Learning Center and has a background as a Veterinary Assistant. She has a passion connecting with people and helping people with dogs. Also, ask her about sea turtles!
  • Susan Nedelman is our new part-time Weekend Puppy Raiser Instructor and is currently a teacher in New Hampshire and has previously been a Full-time Puppy Raiser for NEADS. She is no stranger to helping people or animals, big or small. She’s eager to pass on the tips she’s learned.

Each Puppy Raiser Instructor is looking forward to getting to know and work with each of our Puppy Raisers on this raising journey.

In addition, Bailey Sullivan is the new Assistant Manager of Raiser Operations. Bailey has been with NEADS for nearly six years. She began as an intern and worked her way through roles as an Attendant, Floating Supervisor, and then Assistant Breeding & Puppy Development Coordinator before moving into our Full-Time Raiser Program as an Instructor. The valuable experience she gained through the various roles she has held in the organization, her degree in Animal Behavior, as well as her unwavering determination will be integral to the success of our Full-Time Raiser program.
Raiser Team