Sustaining Donors

As a client, one of the best ways to keep your fundraising campaign moving forward is to secure sustaining donations.  In fact, you should not only look to bring in sustaining donors but should also become a sustainer yourself.  What better way to kick off your fundraising campaign, or give it a little boost, than by becoming a donor.

If you are a new client fundraiser you may be wondering what a sustaining donor actually is, how much they donate, and how often.  A sustaining donor is someone who sets up a recurring donation to NEADS.  These donations are usually monthly, but they can be set to any frequency that the donor prefers.

Sustaining donors are hugely helpful to the NEADS organization and particularly useful for clients who are working toward their fundraising goals.  When a donor commits to giving a certain amount on a regular basis it allows the client fundraiser to better predict how much they will be bringing in to NEADS each month.  This can help you better plan your fundraising while feeling confident that donations are scheduled to come in.  It also allows for more activity on your client fundraising page and gives you more opportunities to thank the donor.

The sustainer option is not only helpful for you as the fundraiser but it is also a good choice for the donor.  A donor may not feel comfortable giving a larger donation all at once but they can always opt to spread that donation out over time. Also, being a sustainer has its perks!  Sustainers receive occasional gifts from NEADS as a show of appreciation for their continued, and reliable, support.  Recently, all our sustainers who donate $25 or more per month received a free copy of our NEADS 2021 calendar!

Overall, donors who set up recurring donations end up giving more money to their selected nonprofit and they tend to feel more connected to the organization too.  This means that it is definitely in your best interest to talk to friends and family about becoming sustaining donors through your fundraising campaign – donations can start as low as $5.00 per month.