The Stephen Baum Fund

NEADS will be announcing the new Stephen Baum Fund in the NEADS Nation Newsletter which will go out later this week.  Since this fund is being established specifically to help client fundraisers, I wanted to introduce it to our client fundraising team before it goes public.

What is the Stephen Baum Fund?

The Stephen Baum Fund will be a collection of donations that are made toward client fundraising, without the donor having chosen a specific client fundraiser to support.  NEADS has always received donations of this kind – where the donor wants to support clients but doesn’t want to choose any one client, in particular.  These donations will now be put into The Stephen Baum Fund, along with a very generous lead donation from The Stephen R. Baum Foundation.

How will the monies be used?

The Stephen Baum Fund will support Matching Funds Days and some of the monies will be applied to clients’ campaigns periodically as incentives, or rewards.  For example, when a new client makes the 1st donation to kick off their own fundraising campaign, NEADS matches that donation up to $100.00.  That match, and similar ones like it, will be drawn from The Stephen Baum Fund. 

Can I request assistance from The Stephen Baum Fund?

No. Please keep in mind that The Stephen Baum Fund will be used at NEADS’ discretion.  The existence of the fund does not mean that monies will be handed out more frequently than in the past, it simply means that those monies are now being held within a specific fund.  You will receive advance notice if an opportunity to apply monies from the fund toward your campaign is upcoming.  These notifications will reach you via the usual ways, through the Focus on Fundraising Newsletter and through the Client Fundraising Facebook Group (if you have not joined the group, you can request admission here)

If you have further questions about The Stephen Baum Fund, please reach out and we can discuss them.


*Please note that the total amount listed on The Stephen Baum Fund page does not reflect how much is currently available within the fund, but rather, it shows the full amount that has been donated to the fund over time.