Training Town Trip

By Tracy Kelly, Development/Data Supervisor

NEADS Director Training, Kathy Foreman, along with Apprentice Trainers Michelle and Michael, took three Service Dogs in Training on a town trip to Leominster last week. In this current environment, going into stores and malls is not always feasible. Town trips have always been a part of training, and we continue to use them to work on task training and well as socialization. Training opportunities are everywhere if you know where to look. Nice weather helps. 

Champ (18 mos. Doodle, and has since had a haircut,) Watson (19 mos. Black Lab) and Arnie (also 19 mos, Yellow Lab) walked around the town center, checking out the sights, sounds and smells it had to offer. There was traffic, busses, people, other dogs and all kinds of distractions, and they needed to stay focused on their trainer. There were crosswalks to practice “sit”, “wait” and “let’s go” when the light signaled. There were benches to practice “jump” and “under.” They practiced good stairs etiquette at the Town Hall. And they wrapped it up with a quick photo by the “Leominster” art installation. It was great to be back in downtown Leominster to visit and train.

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