Valentine’s Day Fundraising

There are many creative ways to fundraise during Valentine’s Day! Here are a few suggestions.

Funny sweater contest – Yes, it’s a real thing! There are some hilarious Valentine’s Day sweaters, hoodies, and T-shirts, out there. This fundraiser can be done at work or at home. All you need to do is have people donate a small amount to enter your contest (can be done through your NEADS fundraising page) and get a fun prize for the person who finds the most ridiculous sweater.

Candy/Flower grams– Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so this is a great fundraiser to attempt now! Buy lots of small candies or flowers – lollipops and carnations work great – and charge people to purchase them and attach a personalized note. Tell your buyers exactly which day their candy/flower grams will be delivered to their recipients, and then make your deliveries. This fundraiser is spectacular at schools and at the office.

Dance – If you have a knack for event planning holding a dance can make an excellent fundraiser. Start out by finding a venue – other clients have had luck with local VFWs and similar civic organization facilities.  Your city or town may also have space in municipal buildings that they rent out for very low prices. Next, you’ll want to secure decorations, music, snacks, games and prizes, and anything else you want to have at your dance. Dollar stores are handy spots to buy affordable decorations, and you can always talk to local business owners to see if they’d donate, or sell at discounted prices, any other items you may need. NEADS clients have held some very successful dances, comedy shows, and concerts, in the past. They’re great ways to have a good time while bringing in funds for your campaign.

Child care – Do you have experience with children? If so, you could offer babysitting services around Valentine’s Day in exchange for donations to NEADS. There are lots of parents out there who would love to have a night-out without the kids!