Worcester County VSO Visit NEADS

In mid-October, NEADS hosted Veteran Services Officers (VSO) from various towns in Worcester County. They received a tour of the Kathy Foreman Client House, an overview of the three veteran programs (Service Dogs, Service Dogs for Hearing, and TAD), including the process to apply and answered questions.  They also observed Service Dogs in Training demonstrate how they can help veterans with physical disabilities and hearing loss. Lastly, they were given an overview of the breeding program, the new Breeding Center, and, a favorite for all, were able to see Libby’s puppy brood in action in the play yard. They even visited the NEADS retail shop.

Through this visit and armed with informational flyers and brochures, the VSOs are now better able to guide veterans with questions about Service Dogs and refer them to NEADS.

During their visit, they noticed our flags could use updating and came together to provide two new flags for the NEADS campus.  Special thanks to Doug Horka and the Worcester county VSOs.  Old Glory is flying proudly!