2020 Falmouth Road Race Team NEADS Runner Spotlight

August 18, 2020

We are excited to announce that this year, 15 individuals will be representing NEADS at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race At-Home Edition. Each representative will complete 7 miles however they choose from August 15th-29th. Please join us in celebrating our amazing team members!

Vanessa Winters: “I am running in honor of my NEADS Dog, Ginger. I believe that NEADS World Class Service Dogs change lives as she has changed mine.” Support Vanessa

Deb Lally: “I run for NEADS because I believe our connection to dogs is one of the most valuable and healing relationships we’ll ever know.”
Kathleen Grimm: “There is nothing so inspiring as people helping people and it is a joy to help that happen!” Support Kathy
Bec Reynolds: “Volunteering at the NEADS Early Learning Center has been a wonderful experience. I wanted to support NEADS in another way since my in-person volunteering has been put on hold for now.” Support Bec

Colleen Whelpley: “I‘ve been a NEADS Weekend Puppy Raiser for almost 13 years and had at least 20 puppies stay with us. I love the NEADS program. ” Support Colleen

Mike Grim: “My daughter, Michelle, works as a dog trainer for this great organization. Please join me in helping them to continue the terrific work they do.” Support Mike

Amy Dorsey: “I’m running for NEADS because of the extraordinary work they do in raising and training exceptional Service Dogs for people whose lives are changed by having such talented and loyal companions.” Support Amy

Dawn Barger: “I am running because I enjoy fully living life. NEADS provides service dogs that enable the disabled and disadvantaged to fully live life!” Support Dawn

Caroline Thom: “NEADS dogs are life changing. Please support NEADS so their work with these amazing animals will continue. Thank you!” Support Caroline

Abbey Henderson: “NEADS World Class Service Dogs positively impact every life they touch. They are truly life changing. I’m just thrilled to be able to contribute by combining my love of running with my favorite organization.” Support Abbey

Laura McTaggart: “I am a huge fan of NEADS, because I see how these dogs change lives. As a veteran, I’m running for all their clients, but especially my fellow veterans. Help me thank them for their service by making a gift.” Support Laura

Dana Chalberg: “I’m a NEADS Puppy Raiser and am running to be part of the change and support that NEADS Service Dogs bring to so many lives.” Support Dana

Beth Johnson: “The Falmouth Road Race is my favorite event of every summer. This year is my 10th FRR anniversary and I’m more excited than ever to be running the “at home” edition with my new NEADS Assistance Dog for the Classroom, J.D.!” Support Beth

Leah Bell: “I am participating in the race and fundraising for NEADS because this support will give them the vital resources needed to continue their mission of training and placing World Class Service Dogs.” Support Leah

KateLynne Steinke: “I couldn’t possibly imagine living life without my Service Dog, Jones. I’m so grateful for him, and we have found a silver lining in this year’s virtual format – we can run together and raise funds for NEADS!” Support KateLynne