Featured Donor: Maureen Manning, a Monthly Giving Supporter

May 7, 2019

Ask Maureen Manning how she learned about NEADS, and she’ll describe the 2014 condo association meeting where she first met Patrick Downes, Jessica Kensky, and NEADS Service Dog Rescue. They all became fast friends and, through this friendship and other research, Maureen knew that NEADS was an organization she wanted to be involved with. Today, Maureen supports NEADS in many ways, from attending graduations and special events like Get Dressed. Give Back to hosting a Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship book signing that became a fundraiser for NEADS and an opportunity for others to learn about the organization.


Maureen is also generous in her financial support of NEADS and is part of our Sustainers Circle. Sustainers Circle members like Maureen donate to NEADS on a monthly basis, providing consistent support to fund the ongoing needs of raising and training World Class Service Dogs. Sustainers Circle members can make automated monthly payments of any amount by credit card or by sending in monthly cash or check donations. Says Maureen, “I am emotionally committed to NEADS and its mission. Giving monthly is a technical convenience for me – the automatic payments are a time saver and mean I don’t have to think about it. I also like watching my donations add up to a larger donation over time. I know, too, that a regular flow of funds helps NEADS in its day-to-day planning.”


Interested in joining Maureen and other members of our Sustainers Circle? Learn more here, and join today. It’s simple to set up, saves time and effort, and helps NEADS change lives month after month.