Volunteer Groups

NEADS is always looking for volunteer groups that would like to assist with grounds maintenance and other seasonal projects on our 18-acre campus in Princeton, MA.

Volunteer groups provide valuable support to our Facilities/Maintenance staff. Future planned projects that we would welcome help with include: painting various interior or exterior spaces, detailing fleet vehicles, mowing the lawn, mulching, weeding, raking, and reorganizing or cleaning out closets, basements, and sheds.


  • Volunteer groups should consist of 2-20 people who can follow instructions and work independently
  • All group members must be at least 16 years old
  • Groups typically volunteer for a one-time, 1-day event, or can choose to make volunteering a recurring event (once a week, once a month, etc.)
  • Groups are encouraged to carpool when possible, as parking space at NEADS can be limited

Groups should coordinate with the NEADS Campus Manager to set up a time to volunteer:

  • Groups are welcome to volunteer May 1st through December 1st
  • Best days for volunteering are weekdays, Monday through Friday. We regretfully cannot accommodate groups on Saturdays/Sundays at this time.
  • Hours to volunteer are between 9am and 3:30pm. Groups don’t have to volunteer for a full day, but should commit at least 3 hours of their time

Q: Is there an age requirement for volunteers?

A: All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older for insurance/liability purposes, and NEADS cannot make exceptions even if a parent/guardian chaperones. For minors under the age of 16, other ways to get involved with NEADS include:

  • Coordinating a supply drive: visit our wish list for our most needed items
  • Fundraising for NEADS, and which can include sponsoring a client, naming a puppy, or donating
  • Doing a school project or presentation about NEADS and Service Dogs

Q: Will the group get any dog time?

A: Regretfully, no. It takes a supervisor several hours to fully train people on our dog handling guidelines, and therefore we can’t make dog time happen for groups of people. However, if a service dog in training is available, we will make efforts to introduce the dog to the group and make time for a group photo opportunity.

Q: What materials do we need to provide?

A: NEADS will provide all working materials (work gloves, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc.), as well as a small room for volunteers to store their belongings and eat lunch.


You should provide your group with water, snacks, and lunch. There are also several restaurants within easy driving distance, so someone from your group would also be able to pick up lunch.


Please make sure all members of your group are dressed weather appropriately and ready to work.

Q: Is there a dress code?

As volunteers, you will be coming into contact with water and various cleaning chemicals, as well as doing light to moderate physical labor both inside and outside. Dress appropriately for the season, weather, and temperature. Shoes must be closed-toe and fully encase the foot. During the summer, we strongly recommend volunteers bring and wear sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

Q: Do we get to choose if we work inside or outside?

A: Volunteers should expect and be prepared to work outside.

If it’s raining, we will try to find indoor work. If it’s heavy downpours all day, the group may want to consider rescheduling, or offering a rain date in your original email to the Campus Manager.

Q: How do I move forward with getting my group signed up to volunteer?

Please submit the form on this page and our Campus Manager will be in touch with you about scheduling a date.

Schedule Your Volunteer Group

Please provide the following information to move forward with getting your group in to volunteer.