Getting out of a fundraising slump

Stuck in a fundraising rut?  Hit a dead end?  It’s perfectly normal for this to happen over the course of your fundraising campaign for NEADS.  If you’re feeling stuck, then it’s a perfect time to get creative and change up how you’re fundraising.  Here are some tips…

  • Try something new. Most clients fundraise using multiple methods.  Look to the Focus on Fundraising newsletter and the Client Resource Center for new ideas.
  • Reach out to businesses that you hadn’t before.
  • Invite friends over to brainstorm (fresh eyes are always helpful!)
  • Enlist volunteers to help spread the word on social media, through email, by posting flyers and collection jars around town, or simply by word of mouth.
  • Set up a Facebook group that focuses on your fundraising. Check out this amazingly successful group set up by one of our clients Service Dogs are Superheroes
  • Letter writing campaign – send to businesses, churches, community and civic orgs.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you by NEADS, such as: matching funds days, chances to connect with donors, $100 credits for posting flyers to your fundraising page or for filling out fundraising surveys when I send them to you. NEADS offers you many different ways to add money to your fundraising campaign.  All you need to do is pay attention and you will see these opportunities as they come up.
  • Join the NEADS Client Fundraising Group on Facebook. If you’re already in the group, post about the struggles that you’re having and allow other clients to offer advice and encouragement.
  • Reach out to me for ideas! My #1 goal is to get you to your goal!


Always remember that you are not alone in your fundraising efforts.  NEADS doesn’t call us the Client Fundraising Team for nothing.  I’m on your team, and so if every other client who is fundraising for NEADS.  So, work with us, keep in touch, follow the tips and advice that are given to you, and you will hit your goal.