Fundraising Letters

Fundraising letters can help you reach a  large number of potential donors, and they are a great opportunity to tell your story and connect with your prospective donors. The key is to make your letter stand out and get noticed.

Getting Noticed: Presentation and Personalization

These are both crucial components to a successful fundraising letter

Presentation – Make you letter stand out! Place it in a NEADS brochure* with the link to your fundraising page.  Even better, create a QR code that will take potential donors directly to your fundraising page. Mail these brochure packets to as many local businesses, civic organizations, and residences in your area as possible – play the odds so that if even a small portion of recipients respond it will be worthwhile.

Personalization – Develop a fundraising packet that you can send to a small number of specially selected potential donors. Use a colorful binder and include your story (who you are, why you would benefit from a Service Dog…the more personal the better), letters from friends and family or a reference letter, a page about NEADS, and photographs. The key is to give the donor enough of a glimpse into who you are, the work that NEADS does, and why you are asking for their help, so that they will be eager to provide that donation – give them reasons to feel good about helping NEADS.

  • Check out this fundraising letter that is being generously shared with us by a NEADS client – Naomi Ridge.  Naomi did a fabulous job of taking the fundraising letter template contained in the Client Resource Center and adding lots of personal details. According to Naomi, the letters that she sent out brought in more than $2,000 in donations.

Send fundraising letters to local businesses, veterinary offices, pet stores, and civic organizations (Lions, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, etc.)  Don’t forgot to reach out to your Town/City Hall! Many communities have support available for residents and you may find that there are funds available if you just ask.

*If you’d like a packet of NEADS brochures, please let me know.