International Assistance Dog Week 2021

August 6, 2021

It’s International Assistance Dog Week, and we wanted to share some of the ways our Service Dogs help people. Thanks to our Trainers and Service Dogs in Training for demonstrating their task work, and thanks to NEADS clients for their insights.

Service Dogs learn to perform 50 to 60 tasks and commands which can then be used in many ways to help, depending on the person’s specific need.

Some examples: A Service Dog can flip a light switch on or off, push elevator buttons, open doors, and retrieve items like a dropped cell phone or medication from the refrigerator. A Service Dog for Hearing can alert its partner to sounds like a knock on the door, a smoke detector alarm, an alarm clock, a car horn, and their name being called.

The results? NEADS clients say:

I’m thankful when my NEADS Service Dog Cappie retrieves drop items and pushes the handicap door button to help open doors. – JT

I’m thankful when my NEADS Service Dog Freedom retrieves dropped objects so I don’t fall out of my wheelchair and injure myself and I’m thankful that she can open doors that you have push buttons if I have to carry things and can’t open the door – Erin

I am thankful when my NEADS Service Dog Charlie Fetches my phone so I can call for help if I fall. – Naomi

My NEADS Service Dog for Hearing Berry makes me aware when someone is at the door… – Deborah

My NEADS Service Dog for Hearing Franklin alerts me to my name being called, alerting me to the alarm clock and smoke alarm. – Carly

I am so thankful I am able to rely on my NEADS Service Dog for Hearing Kendal to alert me to sounds I cannot hear. My fears of missing sounds vital to my health and well-being have evaporated! – Kitty

I’m thankful for ADI when my son is struggling with sensory overload, especially in a new environment, and Brody does “visit” or “my lap” to help him remain calm. – Maria

If it weren’t for the high standards that ADI has set for the training of Service Dogs, I would be confined to home. With Skipper’s training, I am able to go wherever I want to and whenever I want to just as before I was disabled. Thank you ADI, for the high standards you have set for Service Dogs. – Mark

I appreciate that ADI is the “gold standard” accreditation that is recognized by countries around the world, allowing my Service Dog to continue his work with me no matter where in the world I am required to work. – Chris

The ADI standards give me the reassurance that Edison and I are covered under the law and verified as a team. Thanks to NEADS for holding such high standards for incredibly trained service dogs. – Sarah

As a combat disabled veteran, I am thankful for ADI and the high standards in place by NEADS to ensure their Service Dogs provide an important role for all their clients. Trooper is my Hearing Service Dog who alerts me to sounds like fire alarms and sirens, doorbells, clock alarms and other sounds I do not hear. He is my companion 24/7 always! Thank you! – Tony

I’m thankful to ADI and NEADS for my Service Dog Simba, who picks things up for me and opens and closes doors for me. She is a blessing to have in my life. – Betsy