Introducing the Peggy Baker Fund

June 15, 2023
Thanks to a generous and strategic donation from Peggy Baker, NEADS will begin paying for new clients’ first year of pet insurance beginning in the new fiscal year, September 1.
We have long encouraged our clients to invest in pet insurance for their own security, as veterinary care has improved and developed tremendously in recent years and has, as a result, become more expensive.
NEADS is committed to the long-term health and care of all our dogs and we want to see them live long, happy, productive lives with their partners. So does Peggy, who says, “I’m a dog lover and I was a physical therapist for 46 years. I LOVE what NEADS does. I’m thrilled to help keep NEADS dogs healthy and to give a helping hand to NEADS clients.” We are extremely grateful to her for making this important initiative possible.