Jim and Service Dog for Hearing Hazel

October 26, 2023

Jim is a veteran who was matched with Service Dog for Hearing Hazel in September 2022. He recently shared with us:

“If you begin losing one of your senses, like hearing, one of the things you start thinking about is, what is the worst thing that can happen? For me, I think about safety – not hearing a smoke alarm, for example, would be very dangerous,” notes Jim Heroux, a former U.S. Navy marine mechanic. “And then, here comes Hazel. She is a wonder. Her training is impeccable. And, she loves practicing sound work. It’s a rewarding, fun game for her. I’m confident she will save me if she needs to.

“Hazel goes with me everywhere. We love visiting the beach, playing pickleball, and going to the gym as well as going to church. She is also an ambassador for people with disabilities. Everyone knows her at the gym and community center. The children know she’s working and know not to distract her. We often visit adults with developmental disabilities at the center, and they are so comforted by her presence. She’s a gift.”