Justice Fetches the Phone

Jennifer was matched with Service Dog Justice in the summer of 2013. Since that time, they have shared many experiences together.

One of the most-frequently asked questions I get is “What does your Service Dog do for you?”

There are many stories I can tell, including this, which just happened the other day:

While scooting around my yard looking for caterpillars, I bent down to examine a leaf, but unfortunately, I was too close to a slope. My scooter flipped onto its side, partially pinning my right leg underneath it, and scattering the contents of the scooter basket down the slope. I asked my constant companion to “Fetch the phone!” that had skittered down the slope, and she did. I was able to call for help, and was back on the scooter within about 15 minutes. Without her help, who knows how long I would’ve been on the ground.

And that is one of the great services that my dog does for me.

Note to self: 1. Steer clear of slopes, 2. Keep the phone on me, and not in the scooter basket, and 3. I really, really appreciate my dog!

Jennifer & Justice

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