Meet the Staff: Amanda Charbonneau

December 9, 2017

Get to know the NEADS staff in this occasional series. Today, please meet Amanda Charbonneau, Supervisor of Client Fundraising.

When did you start working at NEADS?
I started working at NEADS on Dec. 28th 2015. I’m almost at my 2 year mark!

What brought you to NEADS?
NEADS offered me a job where I could be around dogs (yay!) and also help people. How could I turn that down, right?

What do you do at NEADS?
My official title is Supervisor of Client Fundraising which means that I do lots of different things, but mostly I help clients fundraise, interact with donors, act as admin. of the Client Alumni Facebook Group and the Client Fundraising Facebook Group, and put out a monthly fundraising newsletter to assist clients as they strive toward their fundraising goals.

What did you do before you came to NEADS?
So many things! To name a few: I worked at a senior center planning classes and managing volunteers. I’ve acted as an office/business manager to several dental offices. I spent some time working within the field of archaeology as an onsite arch. specialist, research assistant, and lab tech. I’ve also been a cashier, security guard, and I worked in medical billing for a little while. I certainly have a variety of work experience!

What do you love about working at NEADS?
I love the NEADS mission! It’s an amazing thing to spend one’s day knowing that in some small way you are having a positive impact on another person’s life. I wanted a job with meaning and I found it. Also, I love how committed all of my coworkers are – I’ve never worked with people who care more about what they do and the impact that it has. My favorite part of my job is that I get to work closely with clients and really get to know them. I’ve met some wonderful people! And last, but not least, I get to see dogs everyday!

Do you have any pets?
I have 3 hound/terrier mixes named Honey, Bee, and Ruby. They’re all ridiculously cute, and a little too smart for their own good.

Share a funny story or weird fact
Okay, weird fact about me…I hate American cheese. I don’t just mean that I won’t eat it and don’t like the taste of it. I mean I hate it…can’t even stand to smell it…or touch it…or see it in the fridge. My house has a very strict no American cheese rule! In addition, my husband can’t stand the sight or feel of cotton balls so those are also prohibited in the Charbonneau household. One stray McDonald’s cheeseburger, or bottle of Tylenol packed with a cotton ball, could ruin our entire day!

Now you know a little bit more about Amanda and what she does here at NEADS. Feel free to reach out and say hello anytime! And stay tuned to learn about another staff member in the next post…