NEADS Loves Harbor Sweets

January 22, 2021

Donor Spotlight: Phyllis LeBlanc and Harbor Sweets

This month, we’re fortunate to be the recipient of a fundraiser by Harbor Sweets, one of our all-time favorite chocolatiers based in nearby Salem, MA. Harbor Sweets has been a long-time friend of NEADS, and, as so often happens, a NEADS dog provided the introduction. Phyllis LeBlanc, Harbor Sweets President and CEO, explains how and why she and her organization chose to get involved.

My first introduction to NEADS was when I saw Cathy Zemaitis [NEADS Director of Development] at a horse show in Vermont a number of years ago. Cathy had her dog Currahee with her at the show. I commented on how well behaved he was, and Cathy told me that he was a Service Dog Ambassador for NEADS. She explained the services provided by NEADS and how the dogs are trained to help people.

I was delighted when Currahee happily provided a demonstration of some of his skills. But I was taken aback when Cathy handed him a box of Harbor Sweets I had brought to share with people. I didn’t want him to destroy the lovely gift box, and I was afraid he might eat it, because as we all know, chocolate is not good for dogs! Currahee ever so gently took the box in his mouth and carefully delivered it to me in perfect condition! I was stunned and have never forgotten my first introduction to NEADS. I am in awe of the ability of these dogs to open doors, literally and figuratively, for people.

Phyllis LeBlanc
President & CEO
Harbor Sweets

January 22 – February 7, 2021: We are proud to support NEADS through your purchase of Harbor Sweets (use NEADSLOVE at checkout). While Currahee may not personally deliver your chocolates, your gift giving will be even sweeter knowing it will benefit the work of NEADS.