NEADS Trainer Tyler Gribi

April 19, 2021

Our trainers must successfully complete a two-year apprenticeship program. This program covers all aspects of canine behavior and service dog training as well as mastering skills for instructing inmate handlers in our prison programs and instructing clients for on-campus training.

We would like to recognize and congratulate Tyler Gribi for completing his apprenticeship in February 2021. Lead Trainer, Erin Wylie, describes working with him:

The words that come to mind as I think about Tyler as a trainer are: patient, thoughtful, dedicated, problem solver, helpful, and supportive.  He brings all of these qualities and more to work daily when training the dogs, instructing our clients, and teaching the inmate handlers.  What’s best for the dogs, the clients, and NEADS is always his top priority, and it shows in his demeanor and the quality of his work.  It’s a pleasure to work alongside him and be on the training department team with him.

Fellow trainers and apprentice trainers add:


Tyler is a great person to know, to work with and to have on your team. He’s the man!

Tyler always does a great job seeing each dogs strengths as individuals, and is always optimistic about their training.

Tyler is always positive, he’s a hard worker and a team player.

Tyler is awesome to work with, he is always so quick to offer his help whether it is with practicing commands with the dogs like visit, or carrying heavy bags of dog food up from the basement.