Personalize the Ask

As you progress toward your fundraising goal, you’ll notice that different methods of asking for donations work for different people. This is incredibly important to keep in mind! The most successful fundraisers are those who recognize that not everyone will respond to a donation request in the same way. The best way to bring in donations is to tailor each ask for the person you’re asking.

There are many ways to ask for donations. For instance, there are times when a personal email may work well and other times when a phone call might be better.  Social media posts work wonders because the ask can reach so many people so fast (be sure to have your friends share your post). A simple text can sometimes be the best way to go. You may even have people in your life that prefer a more formal means of communication like a fundraising letter or a card. The key is in knowing each individual that you’re asking well enough to understand how they prefer to communicate.

Your NEADS fundraising page is a valuable resource for reaching numerous people at once. It’s designed specifically for that. Anytime that you add an update to your page, that update is automatically emailed to all previous donors. This makes updates an excellent tool for showing gratitude for the support that you’ve been given by donors; it also makes updates a good way to communicate an ask for donations, without singling any one person out specifically.

A good rule of thumb is to combine indirect and direct asks when you’re fundraising. So be sure to personalize your communications for specific individuals, while also using general updates as a way to connect with your entire group of donors. Mix it up and keep it interesting!

Need help figuring out who to ask for donations? Print this handy Who Can I Ask check-list.