Spirit Award 2016 – Dr. Ira Kaplan and Dr. Anita Migday

May 26, 2016

Each spring we announce the recipient of the Spirit of NEADS award. We are truly blessed that we have such loyal and dedicated volunteers. Without our 200 plus volunteers, many of whom are in the audience today, we would not be able to fulfill our mission. There are two essential criteria for consideration:
• Passionately exude the energy, values and commitment to our mission
• This has to occur over an extended period of time

As is always the case our recipients hit the mark in both areas. However, this year’s couple truly hit it out of the park in terms of length of service. Both recipients have been involved with NEADS since 1986

The first half of our husband and wife team is Dr. Ira Kaplan:
• Ira is a graduate of OSU and has been a veterinarian for 36 years.
• He first joined the Board in 1986
• He served as clerk of the Board for many years.
• He is also our Medical Director

The second half of the incredible team is Dr. Anita Migday:
• Like Ira, she is also a graduate of OSU who has been in practice for over 30 years and is a nationally known expert in canine reproduction.
• In 1986 she launched on PBS the first national television show devoted exclusively to pets and pet care.
• She joined the Board in 1986 and has been President of the Board on more than one occasion.
• She is President of the Theriogenology Foundation

When we talk about Board roles and responsibilities we commonly reference gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Clearly, they give generously in all three categories. Together Ira and Anita have given generously of their professional talent and resources as they have made their veterinary hospitals available to NEADS dogs. In addition, they were instrumental in getting Sheering Plough, now Merck, to provide medical resources to NEADS. In terms of treasure that they have shared with us, it has been substantial. The Board Room in the main office and the public access lobby in the new client house are but two examples of that generosity. They work endlessly to recruit donors, volunteers, and breeders. Both take their role and the viability of NEADS very seriously and were in large part the genesis for the endowment fund that we currently have.

NEADS would not be where it is today without their leadership and commitment to our organization and mission.