Supporter Spotlight: Endeavor Films

April 13, 2021

Last summer, Endeavor Films approached us with an offer to produce a video for NEADS. We needed Full-Time Puppy Raisers at the time, and felt that a video could be a helpful tool in recruiting new volunteers. The Endeavor production crew worked with NEADS staff and three Puppy Raisers, shooting hours of interviews and on-location footage that they were able to distill into a visual, moving, and engaging story about what it’s like to be a Puppy Raiser.

Based in Northborough, MA, Endeavor Films has traveled the country since 2019 to create the highest quality of film and photography in service of compelling storytelling for companies, schools, and non-profits that are mission driven. Discussing their involvement with NEADS, Endeavor Films Founder, Whit Wales, said, “We are what you might call a ‘dog shop’ at Endeavor Films. All four legged creatures are welcome in our studio. So, when Chris Mackos, our senior producer, approached the team with the idea of having NEADS be the recipient of our annual pro-bono film project, there was immediate and unanimous consent. Our hope is that our work will help spread the word and inspire folks to volunteer as raisers and affirm the NEADS mission to provide World Class Service Dogs to those most in need. The benefit to Endeavor Films? We were able to affirm our mission to show the best of who people are and what they do. To witness such wonderful, dedicated and giving individuals, working at the highest level in service of others – that was incredibly satisfying.”

We’d like to thank Endeavor Films for selecting NEADS for this project and for resulting video, as well as our volunteer Puppy Raisers who took time out of their day to share their insights and experiences. Enjoy the video, and please consider joining us as a Full-Time Puppy Raiser! You can learn more here.