Supporting the Mission: The Patterson Foundation

April 8, 2022

Powerful connections are made through NEADS Nation.

The Patterson Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Patterson Dental, has been a generous donor to NEADS. Most recently, the Foundation supported the NEADS Breeding Center—thanks to one of those connections.

The NEADS Nation magic kicked in when Patrick Cogan came to campus for training with Service Dog Knight. A plaque honoring the Patterson Foundation’s gift in support of the Kathy Foreman Client House inspired a call to his mother, Helen, a Patterson Dental employee. Helen, it turned out, was actively involved in Patterson’s community funding.

“I was thrilled to find out we had supported NEADS!” enthuses Helen. She encouraged the Patterson Foundation to further its support with the Breeding Center gift. Foundation spokesperson Lindsay Stewart recalls, “The Patterson Foundation reconnected with NEADS after one of our Patterson favorites, Helen, shared that her son received a dog from NEADS. We jumped at the chance to work together!”

Thank you to the Patterson Foundation for helping NEADS make the state-of-the-art Breeding Center a reality. And thank you to NEADS Nation stalwarts Helen and Patrick for invigorating our connection.