Welcome to the New NEADS Website

May 2, 2018

We’re very proud to unveil our new, oh-so-modern website that was 48 hours in the making. Yes, 48 hours! Unlike the typical website development process, which can take months and months and cost thousands of dollars, our site was the result of a unique idea and a team of incredible volunteers.

Free websites for 48 local nonprofits, built by local professionals in 48 hours… that’s the concept behind a weekend-long hackathon-style event that brought together highly skilled volunteers to provide nonprofits with professional websites to help better serve the community, at no cost to the nonprofit.

The 2nd annual 48in48 Boston event took place during the last week of April and brought together 100+ local marketing and technology professionals who volunteered their time and skills to build websites for non-profit organizations. By Sunday of the event, 48 brand new websites were launched.

28 consultants from Slalom Boston and 3 friends of Slalom spent the last weekend in April building websites for 15 nonprofits.

The NEADS website team – the “Slalom Red Team” – worked with us to understand the most important goals of our website (providing information for people looking for a service dog, for people looking to support our organization, and for people looking to learn about service dogs in general), the key features we needed, and the overall look and feel we wanted. Then, they went to work to build our beautiful site. Read more about the process from their side, here.

We’d like to thank this incredible team and the 48in48 organization for this opportunity, which not only resulted in a much-needed website overhaul, but also allowed us to save a substantial amount of valuable resources that can now be put towards doing what we do best, training and placing World Class Service Dogs with people who need them.