Welcoming the Pioneer Litter

January 25, 2019

We’re happy to introduce our first NEADS-bred, born, and raised litter of purpose-bred dogs. On November 21, 2018, NEADS breeder dog Acadia gave birth to 10 healthy puppies.

For the first eight weeks, nursery staff members worked hard to lay the foundation for Service Dog work through a comprehensive early socialization program. This included puppy massages, crate exercises, and exposure to a variety of objects and people, sounds, smells, and plenty of cuddles and kisses.

All 10 puppies were named for “Pioneers,” representing the little pioneers these puppies are for our breeding program. The puppies were cared for during whelping (birth) and the first 8 weeks of their lives by NEADS staff. Now they’re ready for the next step in their path to becoming Service Dogs. Five of these pups will head to organizations who are members of our breeding co-op (ABC Breeding Cooperative), while five will enter the NEADS program.

Many thanks to Fred Levy for working with us to capture these fantastic photos!