Why Mutti is My Hero

April 22, 2019

For children with autism or other developmental disabilities, a NEADS Service Dog can make all the difference These dogs are trained in a variety of tasks that can address a range of issues facing a child with autism and his or her family. Maddy and her family applied to NEADS with the hopes that a Service Dog could help Maddy with anxiety and panic attacks and also better connect socially and emotionally. As you can read in Maddy’s essay, Mutti has done this, and so much more.

My hero is my dog Mutti. She is a 4-year-old yellow lab that I got from the NEADS Service Dog organization 2 1/2 years ago. Mutti is my hero because she makes my days better, whether I’m happy or sad.

Some ways she makes me happy is by following me around, licking me, and snuggling. I find a lot of joy when she is happy and playing. Another reason Mutti is my hero is because she gives me self-confidence and a feeling of security all the time. Mutti has improved my sleep as well as my happiness. She is what I look forward to every day.

Some good qualities Mutti has is she is caring, sympathetic, and energetic. Some qualities we have in common is that we are both dramatic, like to keep busy, and love our rest. Mutti and I have a very special bond, and we are inseparable. We take care of each other and love one another unconditionally. This is why Mutti is my hero.

Photo: Kristin Chalmers Photography