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Talking about NEADS

As client fundraisers, you will sometimes encounter questions about NEADS and about our Service/Assistance Dog programs.  Clients often ask if they should attempt to answer these questions at all, or…

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Flyers for Client Fundraising

Hanging flyers is a great way to let people in your area know of your fundraising campaign for NEADS.  Below you will find a couple of different flyer options that…

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Explaining wait-time to donors

As client fundraisers, many of you have become very skilled at discussing NEADS with donors and encouraging them to donate.  At times, donors will question why you haven’t been matched…

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NEADS Logos – for client use

If you are a client fundraiser, you may want to consider using the official NEADS logo in your fundraising campaign.  It can be used in many different ways to brighten…

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The Stephen Baum Fund

NEADS will be announcing the new Stephen Baum Fund in the NEADS Nation Newsletter which will go out later this week.  Since this fund is being established specifically to help…

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Matching Funds

As most of our client-fundraisers know, NEADS offers matching donations periodically throughout the year.  These matching funds days are generally held quarterly, and they give clients a chance to boost…

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Why the Wait for a Match – flyer

Clients often express interest in explaining to donors how our matching process works, and why there is a wait to be matched with a NEADS dog.  Feel free to share…

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Waiting for a Match

Lately, we have been receiving questions from clients about when they will be matched with a NEADS Service or Assistance Dog.  Since this topic seems to be on a lot…

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Fundraising FAQ – April 2021

Q:  What happens to my fundraising page once I reach my goal? A:  Clients’ fundraising pages remain active and continue to sit on the NEADS website as long as donations…

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Sustaining Donors

As a client, one of the best ways to keep your fundraising campaign moving forward is to secure sustaining donations.  In fact, you should not only look to bring in…

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