Media Coverage 2017

An archive of selected media coverage about NEADS World Class Service Dogs. If you would like to write or film a story about NEADS, please contact us.

WebMD: Pets on Planes: Emotional Support or Sham?

Boston Voyager Interview: Meet Gerry DeRoche

The Boston Globe: Rescue, a very good dog, named country’s best

US News & World Report: How Service Dogs Help People With MS

Heidi Godman, US News and World Report: Service Dogs offer MS patients comfort, companionship and a way to conserve limited energy. Read how Service Dogs can help in this article which includes interviews with NEADS clients and staff. Full Story

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: NEADS dog who aids Marathon bombing survivor gets top ASPCA award

by Elaine Thompson, Worcester Telegram & Gazette: A service dog trained by Princeton-based NEADS is the recipient of the ASPCA 2017 Dog of the Year award. The dog, Rescue, provides essential support to Jessica Kensky, who became a double amputee as a result of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Rescue’s assistance for Ms. Kensky includes opening doors, fetching objects, calling for emergency help and many other tasks. At the same time, Rescue also provides Ms. Kensky and her husband, Patrick Downes, with invaluable emotional support and comfort that has helped transform their lives after the tragedy.

ASPCA: NEADS Service Dog Rescue is Recipient of the ASPCA® 2017 Dog of the Year Award

ASPCA: Rescue, a Service Dog lending support to a Boston Marathon bombing survivor, joins a brave fifth grader standing up for animals; and a nonprofit rescue group working to assist working military and police K9s as recipients of the ASPCA® 2017 Humane Awards.

NBC Boston: Impostor Service Animals Prompt Legislative Proposal

Pew Charitable Trusts: Tightening the Leash on Fake Service Dogs

The Boston Globe: A hard look at the special role of service animals

CBS Boston: Bill Would Penalize People For ‘Fake’ Service Dogs

WCVB-TV: New push to keep people from taking advantage of service animal program

Parenting Special Needs Magazine: Considering a Service Dog? Meet My Monty

WDSU-TV: Meet Suzie the incredible, adorable New Orleans courthouse dog